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So excited!! Hope you are too :) Our next technique class will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled over on the website. You can also sign up to our newsletter here to stay up to date with new class releases

I've coloured the Tiger with Copic Markers and a tough of opaque white for the eyes and the whiskers :) It was a big task to colour this as I drew it all aswell.... I hope you are excited to colour it with me in our Animal Technique Class :D 

To learn a bit more about colouring make sure you pop over to my online colouring class website :) x

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  1. I am so excited, can not wait till this class comes online, definately one for my wishlist :), hugs, Marion

  2. WOWZERS! That little snippet of the tiger is GORGEOUS!!! One of these days I am going to be able to take one of your classes. I'm just not in a position, financially to take one yet, but I'm getting there! I just love your work. Thank you for sharing your gift with the blog world. ~Kim

  3. I love big cats. You colouring is outstanding. Can't wait for the class. Thanks so much for sharing you fabulous colouring abilities that always offers inspiration.

  4. Wow! Great colouring. I am not sure if I will take this class. Looks tempting, but a bit difficult. :) the teaser photo is Just superb.

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes....I can't wait!!!

  6. Your tiger is freakin' amazing.

    I will most definitely be signing up for this class, though I haven't even really started with my skin and hair class.

    I had wanted to take the folds and drapes next, but animals? I am a crazy cat lady, so I will need this class, especially if you can teach how to create shiny black cat fur and floofy ragdoll cat fur.

  7. P.S. The cat in my signature is my familiar. She is a tabby/ragdoll mix and has very unusual coloring.

  8. I agree with Kathi; there should be a Ragdoll cat in the animal class! Hehe

    Love the BG; it reminds me of the Northern light back home.

    Hugz, Sandy
    Owner & Operator @Live & Love Crafts


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