Do you lack Creative Confidence?


Sometimes I do :) I think everyone experiences feelings of insecurity or a lack of confidence at some point... and we need to take a look at what is influencing us to think like this? Often we have so much going on in our lives that we can take out any negativity on ourselves and allow it to affect even the things we love. I see this a lot with people who take the classes and sometimes I wish they could take a step back and see how well they are improving or how lovely a person they are :)

I have created a new class centred around this to help with using art as healing. The class is all about Creative Confidence; using a series of creative and healing exercises to inspire positivity, creativity, and understanding of ourselves.

We are celebrating reaching 4000 members this weekend on our Kit and Clowder facebook group... so we are going to have a special flash offer! For the next 2 days if you purchase a technique class on our online colouring class website, you will receive the Creative Confidence Class and the Lightsource Class for FREE!! :D

I really hope to see you join us there :) Don't forget to head to the facebook group as well as there are a huge amount of discounts to your favourite craft and stamp companies, freebies, challenges, and giveaways. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me and hope you continue to enjoy your colouring :)

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  1. Alyce you are such a star providing all these classes. i so could use the healing as am having a tough time just now so am looking forward to checking it out
    Thank you


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