Stellar Spirits Colouring Class

Friday, February 11, 2022


There's only a few days left to grab our Stellar Spirits Beginners Colouring Classes - our Jan-Feb monthly colouring projects - (markers left, pencils right) over at!

What we're learning this month: We'll be breaking down the absolute basics of these techniques: in-depth, realistic skin contouring to use on any image, eyes, in-depth hair texture and contouring, black hair, rainbow effects, iridescent effects, gemstones, galaxy backgrounds, night backgrounds, stars and swirl effects, sequins and glitter, metal, smoke, and more!

Once you purchase a class, you get lifetime access to it to work at your own pace, no lock in contracts to join in, + free private tutoring! For sale only until Feb 14 so jump in now and let's help you feel more confident with your colouring! 

Take a peek of the upclose projects below!

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