Custom Rose Embellishment - Tutorial

Sunday, January 08, 2012

When making the new 'Dream' Card, I wanted to use an orange flower embellishment to match the colouring on Gorjuss' dress. I couldn't really find anything that was quite the right colour that also had that vintage look so I decided to make my own! I wanted to share with you today a quick photo tutorial on how to quickly create your own custom flower embellishments.

The image above shows two roses that I quickly customised for a project. I started off with just a plain white rose flower embellishment that I bought from a local craft store (mine sell these for about $3 for a bag of 10).

Supplies needed:

White fabric flowers
Distress Inks - your choice of colour.
 *I used Dusty Concord for the purple flowers and Rusty Hinge for the orange.
Embellishment Ink - I used Archival Gold Pigment Ink
Small Paint Brush

Step 1: Take your white flower and quickly dab the edges of the petals using Distress Inks. I find that working quickly with a dry brush provides the best outcome as it gives a really rough edge. These flowers are meant to be distressed so don't try to make them look perfect!

Step 2: Once you have coated the edges of the petals in a colour of your choice, go back over the top using an embellishment ink. I used the Archival Inks Gold Pigment to create a nice distressed 3D effect but you could also use other metallic colours or even apply some glitter powder.

And that's it! It's really that simple. I think that the orange ones on the Dream card turned out really well. I have used a smaller flower for the purple one and the lighting isn't quite capturing the effect as well. Here is a close-up of the orange flowers used on the Dream card:

I will try and upload a video tutorial shortly showing the technique used on the orange flower, but if any one has any questions I am happy to help out :)
Thanks for stopping by! :)


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