Feeling Overwhelmed or Lost Your Crafty Mojo?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Feeling overwhelmed, find it hard to start a crafty project, or just plain lost your crafty mojo? We all go through it, so how do we get out of it?

First up, give yourself a break! We can't be on top of everything all the time, and sometimes we have to learn first and make a few mistakes before knowing how to do something. Take the pressure off and remember that crafting is your "you time" - your chance to switch off from the actual things that are stressful around you and focus on just creating and learning, but not your time to project the frustrations of life on yourself or your art and craft.

One thing that can suck the mojo away is too much time browsing for inspiration on social media. Don't fall into the trap of browsing so long that you lose track of your free time or you start comparing your work to others. 

Remember, competing with others can make you bitter, but competing with yourself makes you better.

Your colouring classes can be a great way to help you get your confidence up and grow your skills on a hobby you love so you can feel proud of your work - they allow you to fully immerse yourself on a task, leaving behind the worries and stress going on around you to give yourself personal goals and achievements - a sure fire way to destress and rev your mojo! Accomplishments help our brain to feel rewarded as we are achieving new things and that sense of achievement is one of the greatest drives to feeling motivated.

So how do you get started when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

Break down big tasks into manageable goals so they don't seem so scary. Tiny baby steps is a much easier way of tackling a class than to do it in one big go - even just 10 minutes of crafting time is enough to destress and learn something new. Here are some steps you can do today to get started and feel more motivated about creating and learning:

1️⃣ Purchase or download your image/stamp that you will be working on (Are you a class member? Technique Class members can find exercise sheets under the Print Booklet tab, Monthly Members can find stamp info toward the top of your class email)

2️⃣ Size your image and print to a size you are comfortable with - larger or smaller than class is always ok (don't know how digi stamps work? check out our handy Resizing Digital Stamps tutorial here)

3️⃣ Following along in class? Open your print booklet and look at the colours. Grab your colours out (or what you have that is closest or your favourite colour blends). Stuck? Don't use it as an excuse not to start - use it as an opportunity to reach out for some help. Don't forget to grab our free Colour Blend charts here. Keep your colours in a cup so you have them readily available to use anytime and don't need to keep setting up.

Even if you stop after this step, you have done the hard work in preparing for your colouring. This way, when you next have a spare 10 minutes you don't need to spend that time setting up and can get right down to the colouring. Once you get over that hump of starting it feels a lot less overwhelming and stressful.

4️⃣ Tell yourself that you've got this because you really do :) 

5️⃣ Write the word PRACTICE and place colour ANYWHERE on the page to break up that white space to make a start.️ Open the video and press play - it's time to start your colouring journey! Remember that we MUST make mistakes in order to learn - don't fear them, embrace them and you will go far. Your first colouring learning something new is always your "worst" as it's your time to make mistakes, to troubleshoot, to learn. 

Just by trying today you have had an achievement worth celebrating - you have taken that next step to being the best colourist you can be - keep up the great work.

To check out our colouring classes and freebies, head to www.kitandclowder.comwww.kitandclowder.com and send a private message or email alyce@kitandclowder.com anytime you may be feeling nervous or overwhelmed so we can work together x

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