Art Therapy: Are you too old to learn?

Thursday, August 06, 2020

I've been a little slack in updating the blog lately - I'd love to hear if you still check in? If you haven't found us on social media yet, I mainly post over in our Kit and Clowder Facebook Community Group :)

We do weekly Art Therapy posts over in the group, and this week's post stemmed from a question about whether someone was too old to learn colouring. We have people of all ages joining in over the world, as young as about 8 or 9, right up to their 90s. I love the quote above, because it really encapsulates that learning shouldn't be on anyone's timeframe - it's more a state of being than a length of time.

Make sure you never tell yourself that you aren't capable of learning or doing something that you want in life Learning is not about being perfect - it's about trying, it's about having a go when you feel nervous, it's about making mistakes so you can troubleshoot, understand, and overcome them to level up. A class, no matter what it is you are trying to learn, is not about replicating something to the point of perfect - it's about trying things you haven't learned before, about refining some prior knowledge or skills you already have. If you learn or refine just one thing then you have succeeded.

Have you ever wondered why Nike's slogan is "Just Do It"? It's so common to make excuses in life *not* to do something - not to make time for ourselves, not to try because it might be hard or challenging, not to have a go because we might not be as good as others...but what happens when we "just do it"?

The only failure you can ever experience in life is not having a go as you can't improve upon nothing. If you want to be the best colourist you can be, take control of your learning; try all different techniques, styles, and topics, try the images or lessons that look a little challenging, do your classes and practice them, ask for help... if you allow yourself to just learn and challenge yourself outside of what is your comfort zone then you will always increase your skills and you will always have achievements to look forward in life - things to be proud of Don't fear failure - fear being in exactly the same place next year as you are today If you want to learn anything in life, no matter what it is, don't allow yourself to make excuses any longer - put 10 minutes aside this week and "just do it"

**My dragon above is coloured with my Copic Markers and you can colour him too in our Mini Class Bundle 3 here:

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