NEW Colouring Class: Fragrant Garden!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Hi everyone! Hope you are having a colourful week and staying safe. Self-care is so important right now so please don't underestimate how helpful it is to take a 10 minute break to recharge, destress, and gain some perspective over life's overwhelming moments. Our classes are mindfulness activities with real art therapy tips within to help you destress, so why not check out our brand new class this week? :) I'm so excited to introduce you to our brand new monthly colouring project: Fragrant Garden Colouring Class feat. Power Poppy Stamps!

Two unique classes - one markers (left) and one pencils (right) - and both for beginners. In these lessons, you will learn a big variety of techniques to apply to your favourite images after class, including how to colour glass, liquids, transparency and reflections, timber and background effects, pearls, books, florals (including Iris, Wild Rose, Peony), Did you know you can do as many classes as you like with no minimum sign up requirements? :) If you are in the US or Europe, don't forget our Australian dollar is low right now so you get a huge saving too! :) 

Are you a beginner? This class is absolutely suitable for you! I always break down the very basics so even a challenging looking image can feel achievable no matter your skill level. But be prepared to be gently challenged so you actually level up instead of just copying a colouring :)
Take a peek at what we are learning below!
New to Kit and Clowder? This is our Monthly Class, which is released on the 15th every month. These are our most popular classes that people of all levels join in with - beginners included!
  • All classes are do at your own pace with lifetime access - no monthly limit
  • Suitable for Beginners - You will be encouraged to make mistakes, let go of pressure, and enjoy the journey!
  • Fully downloadable on any device
  • Colour blends for many brands of markers and pencils. Choose either markers or pencils classes, or both!
  • Free private tutoring every step of the way with real tips on your colouring, technology, creating colour blends from what you own and more
  • Very in depth instruction teaching real, researched art fundamentals
  • Do as many or few classes as you like with no minimum sign up requirements, but stay on and receive a free $20 class each month!
These classes are for sale only until October 15 and then they will be retired, but you receive lifetime access once purchased. Any questions? Reach out any time! I also wanted to say thank you - your purchase helps me to help others with free monthly workshops for the QLD Children's Hospital and Cancer Council QLD. Be brave, challenge yourself, and do this for you <3 Hope to colour with you :)
Happy Colouring,
Alyce x

If I can ever help with any questions, colouring tips, technology, or help with colours blend,  please contact me here anytime.

Thank you for supporting small handmade businesses.  You help us to help others with free monthly workshops for the Queensland Children's Hospital and Cancer Council Foundation. You are awesome! :)

Happy Colouring,

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