Making Copic Blends

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hi everyone! I'm popping in today to share our next Colouring Tips video and this week it's all about making Copic blends and understanding how the official Copic numbering system works! Even if you've been colouring awhile, there's a lot of tips and tricks here for selecting colours for your projects

There's a lot of conflicting information around on how to make blends, but I often have people come to our classes frustrated because what they've been taught isn't allowing them to get the same depth in their colouring that our students are outputting. A lot of that comes down to understanding how lightsource works to give your objects dimension, and how we choose colours to best represent lightsource within our blends. So let's break down a good foundational way to create blends in all of your projects!

If the embedded video doesn't work for you, you can find the full video on youtube here: 

For more information on colour blend theory, premade blend charts, blank charts to fill in, and more, please visit the Blend Charts page on our website at​. You'll also find more helpful colouring questions answered under our Colouring FAQs page!

I hope you've found this video helpful, and if you have any requests for future Colouring Tip videos, please get in touch! 

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