Let's make this week Confidence Week!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Do you ever have those days where you just aren't feeling it? The mojo is low, nothing seems to work, and all you want to do is point out everything that always seems to go wrong? Don't worry, you aren't alone. Those of you who are a part of our Facebook community know that I'm a bit of a stickler for being confident about our work... being negative about our work can really take away the joy from our hobbies. Sometimes though, it is hard to always be positive. Don't worry - we all feel this in our art and in areas of our lives. Even the people whose work you admire.. I guarantee they have times where they feel the same way aswell.

So, this week I would love you to join me in making it CONFIDENCE WEEK! :) This week, I want ALL of us to do the below tasks! Are you up for the challenge?

Share your work 

If you are shy about posting, I want this week to be the week you say I AM GOING TO DO THIS! And share your beautiful work with us :) The BEST thing about our hobby is sharing and seeing someone say they love our work.. it makes it all worth it! Pop over to our Facebook Group and join in with our 11,000 members in sharing your beautiful work! It's like having a family with such a supportive environment. 

Tell someone that you admire their work

If you admire someone's work here - tell them! It's amazing how just one comment and affirmation on our work can brighten our day <3 We often tend to look at things and think to ourselves that we like them, but sharing that appreciation is really important aswell.

Do a class exercise! 

VERY VERY important - make TIME just for you YOU this week! No excuses please - *make time*! If you want to learn to improve your colouring then make the time to do this this week. We have more than enough free classes for you to do one lesson and then come back here and post it and let us know what you learned :) Classes, including freebies, over at www.kitandclowder.com


Even if you feel you made a mistake, I want you to come in here and let us know one thing you are happy with and *do not point out those mistakes*. Get a little journal and write some constructive feedback for yourself, or pop in the classroom for Feedback and I can help you out there :) Constructive feedback is not telling you what you have done wrong, it's looking at areas and ways to help you improve for next time. 

At the end of this week, I'm going to be picking some people's work to feature in our Kit and Clowder Facebook group! Make sure you come and join in!
Remember aswell, a class is not about being perfect and making sure you all colour the same way.. a class is about giving you the confidence to learn new techniques, make mistakes, grow, and then take it all away and adapt for yourself. No one expects you to be perfect, remember this and above all have fun :) I can't wait to see your colouring this week!

Alyce x

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