Taking a Class Even When You Don't Have Time

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a post today about why it can be a good idea to do a class when you have a lot going on right now. I see a lot of people mention that they would absolutely love to do their classes and learn more, but Sometimes we can put off creative things when we have a lot of stress going on. Today let's talk about why it can actually be a good thing to do a class when there is a lot going on around you, even though you may not feel you have the time.

1 - Focus
It gives you something to focus on with your whole attention, allowing you a few moments distraction from some of the more overwhelming things going on for you right now. Having goals to work toward can help to give a bit more order back to your life when things feel chaotic.

2 - Achievement
It gives you something to achieve - when we feel very overwhelmed or even not confident or good enough in areas of our life, a creative class can help you to achieve something to be proud of. Just remember though that mistakes are part of the achievements so don't allow yourself to get frustrated at these.

3 - Support
There is support available - sometimes we can get hard on ourselves and take out our emotions at other things by putting down our creative work. Our classes always come with support - our Technique Classes have a personalised feedback section - please use this! I love to work together with you to help you feel more confident so you aren't doing this alone.

4 - Creativity and Sharing
It gives you a creative outlet to express yourself and a supportive place to share - there is something freeing about being able to express your emotion through art. Just the process of being able to create can help to reset your mind. One of the best things about our hobby is sharing our progress - it is such a wonderful feeling to see someone 'Like' your work or leave a supportive comment to let you know that your work meant something to them. This can also be a great thing for your confidence and to feel a part of a community when some aspects of life seem tough <3 Make sure you always pop up your colouring in our Facebook Group or Instagram, even if you have a niggling of self doubt as it is such a great way to start to feel more confident.

I hope this might inspire you today to put aside even just 10 minutes out of the 10,000 minutes in this week to do a little class colouring. :) If you have been putting off doing a lesson or jumping in for any reason, I hope you will be inspired to learn more this week to keep growing in your hobby - you have the power to make that choice just for you.. and all of the information and support you need in your classes to keep progressing. Make that decision to keep going just for you :) Please feel free to contact me any time if you want to chat about your colouring or even if you just want someone to chat with. Happy colouring!

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