Learn to colour mermaids in our latest class!



Our latest Online Colouring Class monthly project is here! Join me this month in colouring some beautiful images by Conie Fong as we look at versatile techniques that can be applied to so many images in your stash. Our Monthly Classes are always access forever once purchased, so enjoy in your own time without pressure.

This month we are colouring beautiful mermaids but these techniques aren't only helpful for fantasy images! I will show you how to break down beautifully coloured hair, simple ways to colour scales which can also be applied to dragons or fish, and water backgrounds. Our classes are not about being perfect or for you to try and colour just like someone else, they are about learning in steps to broaden your colouring skills, to challenge you, and to get you experimenting and playing. This is how we learn and grow. I'd love to help you on your colouring journey to feeling more confident :)
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Are you a beginner? Yes, you can absolutely join in too! 

Finished projects with lots of techniques can look scary and overwhelming as a lot of the techniques are new. Our classes are always broken down to the very basics, and even if you do find something difficult, I am just an email or message away and more than happy to spend as much time as we need to help you feel more confident :)
Tried one of our Monthly Classes before? Just like how our colouring takes practice, so too does the teaching of it :) I'm confident that you will enjoy our latest class and find it easy to follow with great instructions! I feel that after two years of teaching our Monthly Classes that this is our best one yet with easy to follow instructions and navigation on the computer!

Hope to see you join in with us this month! :D

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