Learn to colour animals, florals, and fundamentals in our new class! :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners to advanced
We are breaking down the fundamentals this month! We are looking at basic florals, animals, skin, hair, backgrounds and more on these gorgeous stamps by Ching Chou Kuik to help you with all of your stamps in your stash!

I'm so excited to share with you our latest Online Colouring Class release! Are you unsure of how to tackle basic animals or florals that come with your character stamps? What about the characters themselves? Let's get you feeling more confident! Learn real art fundamentals so you are not only colouring these images in class, but increasing your repoirtoire of skills to tackle different stamps in your stash. Once purchased you get access to this class forever so you can continue to practice again and again.

Suitable for beginners - advanced. You may feel a little nervous if you've never tackled some of these topics before, but when something looks tricky it is generally because we don't have much experience on that area. Let's make it the last day you can say that and get you feeling more confident! Our classes are safe environments that anyone can join in, regardless of how long you have been colouring, and start learning more at their own pace. You always get support in our classes at Kit and Clowder, with free private one on one tutoring with myself and you to help you feel more confident.

Only on sale until February 14, so be quick! I can't wait to see your colouring - let's get you feeling more confident together   I hope to see you join in!
CLICK HERE to colour with me now!
Are you a beginner? Yes, you can absolutely join in too! 

Finished projects with lots of techniques can look scary and overwhelming as a lot of the techniques are new. Our classes are always broken down to the very basics, and even if you do find something difficult, I am just an email or message away and more than happy to spend as much time as we need to help you feel more confident :)

It's important to manage your expectations and remember that classes are about learning new techniques and sometimes making mistakes in order to step forward, but we should never aim to be perfect or for our colouring to look like the class samples or anyone else's - we are all on our own journey, learning in our own time <3 
Thank you for supporting small handmade businesses. You are awesome! :)

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