Under the Sea Colouring Class

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hi Clowdies! I had so much fun colouring up these gorgeous stamps by Janna Fairy Art, and this is our brand new Under the Sea Colouring Class for markers and pencils!

This class is suitable for beginners-advanced, and we’ll be breaking down the very basics of a big number of techniques that you can apply to your favourite images after the lesson, including: shells, water, bubbles, rainbow hair and clothing effects, scales, and more! Learn real art fundamentals and not just how to colour, but the why behind the technique to really help you understand. We'll also be looking at some beginner variations for some of the techniques like hair and scales to help you feel confident learning, even if you are just starting out. In our classes, it's not about being perfect or how good your colouring is today, but about gently challenging yourself to learn to grow for tomorrow. 

New to Kit and Clowder? We do a Monthly Class which is released on the 15th every month. These are our most popular classes that people of all levels join in with - beginners included!
  • All classes are do at your own pace with lifetime access
  • Fully downloadable on any device
  • Colour blends for many brands of markers and pencils
  • Free private tutoring every step of the way with real tips on your colouring, technology, creating colour blends from what you own and more
  • Learn real art fundamentals and the *why* behind the techniques to really help you learn and apply to your favourite images after the lesson
  • Suitable for Beginners-Advanced - big scenes can look scary but I always break down the very basics so you can feel confident jumping in
  • Do as many classes as you like with no minimum requirements and cancel any time!
These classes are only for sale until August 15, but you receive lifetime access to do at your own pace after purchase. Any questions? Reach out any time! 

Your support helps us to help others with free monthly craft workshops for our QLD Children's Hospital and Cancer Council (I'm heading in this week with our new Colour In Bags!) - thank you so much and hope to colour with you this month!
Alyce x

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  1. I love the Blog's and here I can write, because I do not have facebook ;). I read/have a look on the Kit and Clowder facebook side and there postings, but I can't do the follower post's or the giveaways ;)


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