Colour In Bags at the Cancer Council

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hi everyone! Just popping in to share a few photos from this week's visit to the Cancer Council QLD lodges  I held some free art classes and took in some of our brand new Colour In Bags for everyone to colour up - I thought the lion design best represented their journey as the symbol of bravery and courage. None of the ladies had ever coloured before and at the start they were a bit afraid, but by the end they were so proud of what they had created. The biggest lesson is that life is too short to tell ourselves "I can't" and to hold back from trying - so be brave like a lion as you are more capable than you know. 

I'm not able to take many photos due to privacy but hope you enjoy these.


The little pink one is really sweet - it shows we don't have to stick to the standard colours when we are colouring an image! The lovely lady colouring this one was quite nervous and kept saying she couldn't do it. In the end she was so proud of her result and wanted a picture with hers and her friends to see them all together. 

*These free workshops for the hospitals are made possible by our Colouring Class members – thank you so much! If you’d like to join in, or grab your own Colour In Bag, visit - bags include colouring class for markers and pencils, stamp, + free worldwide shipping. 

Thank you for stopping by and happy colouring this weekend!

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  1. Absolutely awesome Alyce. I know the ladies I met through the breast cancer support centre I worked at would have loved these! Thank you for all you do ❤


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