Don't be Afraid of Colouring


Do you ever think that an image or a lesson looks too hard for you? Or have you tried something and found it was tricky, so put it aside? This is fear of failure talking and today I want to look at ways to move past this so you can have the most enjoyment with your colouring :)

We all want to learn more about colouring right? So why do we allow ourselves not to join in when it is something we want to do? First things first, you aren't alone in feeling this way. Most of us feel nervous to try new things (even me too!) - that is totally normal as we are moving outside of our comfort zones. But it's what you do next that takes you from being on the outside just looking, to being someone who is growing and always improving in their colouring.

The most important step to overcoming fear of failure is to take action. 

Don't ever wait for the perfect moment as it may not be coming... just jump in, even if you feel nervous. When you feel that self-doubt creeping in, acknowledge it, feel it, then tell it "not today" because you have some colouring to do :) Setting goals can really help aswell - aim not for perfection but for learning something new... this way, if we are joining in, we can never fail as we are always moving forward. A mistake never equals backwards.. it equals learning opportunities which helps us go forward.

If you have put off a lesson because you felt like you weren't good enough, I want you to know you *can* do this and I'm right here by your side to help. When it feels scary or it isn't working, don't just put it aside, hop on facebook, open your private messages, and send me one. I'm here to help you so that you can progress on your colouring journey and feel the most confident - so please make sure you use the help that is available :)

I hope you will make some time this weekend to try something you have been putting off - we are all here cheering you on. Don't forget to check out our free Markers 101 class if you haven't yet, and I'd love to see you in our other classes aswell over at

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